The Benefits of the Brodit HTC Desire Holder

A lot of people love their HTC Desire phones. They want to take them everywhere they go including in their vehicle. They also want to keep them safe while they are in the vehicle and have them handy where they can reach them easily. That is why so many people choose to buy a Brodit HTC Desire holder for the phones. It is the perfect accessory to protect your phone and you while you drive.

The HTC Desire phone holder fits easily into almost any vehicle may drive. The holder clips onto your dashboard using the ProClip technology which means it can be installed quickly and without doing any damage to your vehicle. If you change vehicles, you can easily remove it and no one will even know it was there.

There are two kinds of Brodit HTC Desire phone holders to choose from. One is the passive model which simply holds your phone and keeps it secure while you drive. car cup holder adapter for large cups This type of Brodit HTC Desire phone holder installs so you can easily reach it. It swivels so you can get a better view of the phone and so you can avoid the glare from sunlight when you are driving. Your phone won’t be buried in your purse or waiting to fly off the car seat or cup holder when it is in this phone holder.

The other is the active Brodit HTC Desire phone holder which does everything the passive model does but also charges your phone. That is a great benefit because we all know how inconvenient it is to have your phone battery be dead when you are waiting for an important phone call or you need to make an important phone call. With this model, your cell phone will be charging every time you put it in the holder. That means you won’t ever have to worry about your phone working when you need it.

The active Brodit HTC Desire holder can be installed professionally so you don’t have a long cord in your way when you are driving. That makes your dashboard area look a lot neater and more organized. This type of installation involves using the molex adapter that has a connection through the dashboard instead of connecting to the cigarette lighter like chargers usually do. A lot of people prefer to go this route because it looks better and you don’t have to deal with pesky cords. This type of Brodit HTC Desire holder can be utilized for charging other things like GPS devices.

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