Process Improvement Interview Questions and Answers

Let’s face this; interviews are tough. No matter how much you prepare in advance when an interview comes, you get sweaty hands, and your confidence takes a downfall. The question pattern of interviews varies significantly across industries. It mainly depends on the type of job you are applying for. Niche-specific questions can be answered by studying extensively. You can research in detail the organization you are applying for because you might get asked about the company’s history. A thorough understanding of the job post you are applying for and your expected roles and responsibilities will go a long way in determining how well you perform in your interview.

What is the reason behind asking tough questions?

You might be thinking that having a broad knowledge of the concepts related to your job is enough to help you ace the interview. But, interviewers don’t think that way. They want a candidate who can delve deeper into the field he/she is applying for and learn everything in great detail. You might be efficient with the terminologies and the concept of your job but, that is not enough. Nowadays, companies are going beyond the traditional questions asked in interviews to determine candidates’ specialized skills. If they ask regular questions, the friendliness of candidates cannot be established.

Moreover, everyone knows about the subject of their specializations. To become a successful professional and bring in maximum profits to your company, you need to answer tough questions that will test every aspect of your personality.

What are process improvement questions?                                                  

Process improvement refers to the ability of a candidate to adapt to changes and improvise his/her skills throughout the process of working. They also test whether you can respond to tricky situations with speed and efficiency. Asking abstract questions with no definite answers is one way to gauge the candidate’s reaction skills. Usually, interviewers look for an ability to support your answers with logical and practical explanations, so no matter what you say, try to come up with a proper explanation for it.

Some frequently asked process improvement interview questions and answers.

To help you prepare well for your interviews, we have prepared a list of the most-asked questions that interviewers ask, followed by apt answers.

  • How often do you receive critical feedback? What does it mainly consist of?

This question is asked by interviewers to test whether you are continuously on the lookout for self-improvement. Criticism is the key to improvement; you must remember this. This can be tricky because you might not be willing to jeopardize your job prospect by saying that you receive criticisms. You need to think smart here and answer in a way that will save your position and impress the interviewers. You can showcase a trait that has been criticized in a positive light and save yourself from a tricky situation.

  • How do you deal with setbacks? Give an example.

Answer positively and highlight the role you played in that situation. For example, you can share your experience in dealing with angry customers. You can mention how you have successfully pacified a customer and changed their minds regarding your services.

  • How often do you give inputs to your company? Are they accepted?

Even if you haven’t given any input, try to come up with something creative. It doesn’t matter if the idea was implemented. The interviewers are just testing your creativity.

  • Do you have any training in process improvement methodologies?

This is a question that will help the interviewers test whether you are willing to learn or not. Even if you don’t have any formal training, don’t answer in the negative. Try to come with an answer that will reflect your interest in learning. You can say that you have done research on the topic and are willing to apply for formal training soon.

  • When was the last time you made a mistake at work?

Employers ask this question to test your ability and willingness to talk about problems. You cannot say that you haven’t made any mistake, as that would show that you are ignorant. Make sure that you follow up by saying how you recovered from the mistake.

These were some of the process involvement questions that you might get asked during an interview. Make sure that you answer with confidence, and the rest will be fine.

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