How the Smooth Fitness Agile DMT Trainer Will Reach Your Goals Fast

The modern fitness industry has been plagued by old-school thinking for far too many years, and the subsequent result has been this: We spend way too much time at the gym. Seriously.

Nearly any fitness goal can be accomplished in as little as 30 minutes per day, four times per week. That’s it. Any more than that and our bodies will see only diminishing returns.

Now I can hear several of you saying: “Only 30 minutes? What should I spend those precious minutes doing? Cardio? Weight training?”

The answer might surprise you: Both.

Now the million dollar question: How do you get a satisfactory cardio workout and a solid strength training workout in a short 30 minutes? It’s simple, you use one of the most innovative pieces of home fitness machinery ever invented…

The Smooth Fitness Agile DMT Trainer.

The DMT Trainer is a crazy hybrid between a Bowflex and an Elliptical machine. where to buy dmt It’s been designed to give the user a full-fledged cardio workout and a muscle-building strength training workout at the same time. So those precious 30 minutes are actually spent getting both types of workouts in at the same time.

The folks at Smooth Fitness decided to completely revamp the way we look at fitness equipment, and went straight back to the drawing board on this one. Instead of taking the modern fitness philosophies at face values, like most equipment manufacturers do, this company looked beyond the hype and produced a system that does what no other can.

Built Tough, Built For The Home

The DMT is built tough enough to handle the rigors of a professional health club environment, yet it was always intended for home use. So even though several gyms throughout the world have purchased these, the Smooth Fitness company always envisioned the DMT in home gyms and living rooms. In fact, that’s actually where the majority of these machines end up.

So they aren’t so industrial that they’ll make your living room look like the set of the most recent Terminator movie, but they aren’t built flimsy like so much home gear on the market either.

Now I should issue a pretty big warning here, and I used the word “Big” on purpose. The DMT Trainer isn’t small. Heck, calling it big could actually be an understatement. This is by all means a professional piece of equipment, and therefor has the the footprint to match. While many people have these units in their homes, be aware that it’ll take up an entire room. This isn’t the perfect machine for someone who wants a junky treadmill in the corner; this is for the person who is serious about their fitness goals and is willing to devote not only time, but precious interior real estate to the cause.

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