How Important Is A Land Survey When Purchasing a Home?

When purchasing a real estate, most mortgage lenders will require that you obtain a Montgomery land survey in order to acquire the money that’s needed to purchase the home. A land survey is the licensed individual that prepares the survey for the property. This survey serves as a legal depiction of the property in a graphical format, and allows you to see each of the features of the property from a top-down perspective.

There are various types of surveys that show improvements to the land, including the home and garage, as well as the size of the lot or land where the home is located. If there are any uneven boundaries or variances, they are stated in the Montgomery survey. While preparing the survey, the individual performing the check will pour over court documents and records, taking legal documents into account including deeds and land documents from the county recorder’s office. The survey will also include property measurements.

Legal Aspects – When there are property disputes between two parties, a survey is necessary to determine where your land ends and the land of a neighbor begins. Online lagan bihar As the buyer, you can use a survey to easily address items owned by adjoining property owners that may be interfering in your own property. The survey in Montgomery can be used as court evidence in boundary and property disputes.

The survey is important from a legal standpoint because it can help you determine if you’re legally allowed to add features to your property once it has been purchased. For example, a large item like a pool can actually infringe on the property of a neighbor if you have uneven property lines. If you build a structure that crosses the property line of your neighbor then you are exposing yourself to a potential lawsuit and the expenses of having to move the item – or pay to leave them there.

Restrictions – Some areas also have restriction that can have an effect on the property you’d like to buy. Zoning restrictions are in place to keep areas uniform and developed within specific ordinances. Violating a zoning restriction can lead to heavy penalties as well as legal action from local authorities. A survey in Montgomery would list all the potential problems that can arise from zoning when the final data is compiled.

Building restrictions are imposed by local authorities or the developer of a property about how structures on that property can be built – a garage for example. The individual performing the land survey will be able to examine records on the property relating to building restriction and can determine if you are buying a property that is subject to restrictions of this kind and if it’s currently in violation of any restrictions. The most common restriction is the setback or how far the home is from the front and sides of the lot. In some cases, though not all, you can apply to have restrictions waved before purchasing property.

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