3 Golf Tips to Get the Most From a Golf Instruction Video

There are many different Golf instruction videos on the market. You can find videos that cover every aspect of the game, from curing a slice to putting.

The problem is few can say their golf game improved because of what they learned on a video.

Here are 3 golf tips to help you get the most from a golf instruction video.

First, you want to watch the video a few times before trying to apply them to your game.

Often times, amateur golfers will watch a golf instruction video once seeking that one nugget that will transform their golf swing. They don’t realize that the valuable nugget(s) in the video tend to be a culmination of many small things that need to be done. When they are all applied, the changes add up to a great improvement in their game.

If you head out with just a portion of the lesson in your mind and only apply a portion to your golf swing, you will find that your swing will actually suffer. Golf Instruction & Product Reviews This is when doubt and discouragement sets in. What happens is you end up discounting the video and go back to your old habits.

It takes time and effort to realize that improvements that will come from the golf instruction video. This is why it is imperative to watch the video several times before making any adjustments.

Second, video yourself during practice or when playing a round of golf. This way you can compare your posture and positioning to what you see in the golf instruction video.

It’s not always easy to recognize what’s wrong with your golf swing. With a little video you can review what you are doing under normal conditions and begin to apply the information you get from the golf instruction video.

Get one of your friends or family members to video you while you are practicing or playing. Have them video you from different angles and sides. This way you will get a better understanding of what you are doing.

Now, when you are watching the videos of you, you can compare with the golf instruction video. This will make it much easier to recognize your problem areas so that you can make the adjustment necessary to correct them.

Third, develop a good exercise routine to condition your body and muscles.

I know, you want to improve your golf game, not spend time exercising. What you need to do is work on a routine that focuses on the muscles most used in the golf swing.

One way of doing this is to work with the proper exercise program you can tone and strengthen your body.

Apply these 3 golf tips to get the most from a golf instruction video and watch your game change… for the better.

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